So I was out and about today and decided to stop at this sketchy flea market thing known as “Super Flea.” I have never seen so many mullets and large quantities of questionable goods…except for maybe the flea market down in Niceville, FL. (But at least that was kinda indoors, this was just a parking lot.) There was one guy who had all these old trading cards…not baseball cards but actual fun old trading cards from the 80’s. He had Dark Crystal cards (I already own the full set of those) and I got a pack of Gremlins 2 cards and one of Frazetta artwork. He had Harry and the Hendersons cards! Who knew they made those? But the real treat I found for a dollar was an Alice and Wonderland children’s book/record. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the record, but I will when I go home this weekend maybe. (Usually they’re awful though.) The artwork in the book is actually pretty decent though! So I thought I would post a few of my favorite illustrations here, as this is obviously out of print and hopefully no one will sue me for doing so. No artist is listed anywhere in the book. (Disney has a nice way of not crediting many of their workers.)

The colors on this two page spread! And the composition! Very nice.

That last illustration there is very interesting because it features a character NOT in the film, the Jabberwock. Does anyone know if that was an original design for the film that was never used or maybe cut out? Its eyes are totally freakin’ me out.

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