I was home this weekend and sorting through some old books when I came across one of my favorites – “Alice in Wonderland” illustrated by someone named “Maraja.” I finally did a little research and found that the illustrator’s full name was Libico Maraja. His work is absolutely stunning. (I seem to be on an Alice kick lately.) These are my favorite Alice illustrations next to Arthur Rackham’s…I like Maraja’s paintings even more than Mary Blair’s beautiful work on the Disney version. My “research” lead me to this site, dedicated to Maraja’s work, with many pictures on display as well. Only problem is that the English version doesn’t seem to be up and running – any Italians care to enlighten me on this incredible artist’s life and work? I think there may have been an animation section on that site as well…would love to know what sort of work he did for films.

I found this edition for a couple bucks at a tag sale about ten years ago. Here are some of my favorite illustrations for you to enjoy:

The publishing info. for this edition is as follows:

“Made and printed in Italy by Fratelli Fabbri Editori, via Abbedessee 40, Milano. For the publishers Grosset & Dunlap, Inc., 1107 Broadway, New York 10, N.Y.