To celebrate the release the new Platinum Edition (or is it 50th Anniversary Edition?) of Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” I’ve decided to scan in and upload some beautiful illustrations from a Tramp storybook I’ve had lying around. I picked the book up for 50 cents at a tag sale, which was still a good deal for a first edition (1955) regardless of the fact that it’s falling apart. The art is spotty in the book – some illustrations are completely off model and uninspired while others are obviously by talented artists. (I only included the best ones.) Look at the way the rain scenes are rendered! Very nice. The cheap Disney storybooks released nowadays make me die inside. (Also, this book is long out of print and nobody’s making any money off these pictures…please don’t sue me for posting these.)

(front cover)

(back cover)

I also have a first edition Bambi storybook that has some amazing art in it…maybe I’ll get around to posting that some day.