As some of you may know, my previous job was at Fisher-Price, working on a direct-to-DVD animated show called “Planet Heroes.” It was a 9 month project and we produced a 27 minute episode that will be packaged with a new line of toys coming out this fall. (Or summer? I’m really not sure.) It centers on a set of heroes culled from each planet of our solar system. And half-way through production Pluto was deemed no longer a planet! That was fun. (We had to keep him in, we just added jokes about how he was tiny and a dwarf planet…let’s see how many short people get mad about that.) I was a designer, modeler, texture painter, lighter, animator, and compositor on this. The only things I never touched were rigging and sound. And now there’s is a great website for the product that you can access here. On the site you can watch a trailer for the episode and download the theme song MP3 and a comic book and coloring book pages, etc. You can even order a copy of the DVD for free! Here’s a screencap from the site:

I painted that matte painting of the city in the clouds. Hopefully once the DVD’s been out for a while I can post some of my concept art for it and no one will mind. Also, I searched YouTube for an embeddable trailer but all I found was a video some mother had made of her kid’s reactions to the Planet Heroes episode. (I would post it here but it was really boring.) They were two young boys and one of them liked “the skateboard race” and the character of Ace. (The hero from Earth.) And the other liked “the hot one” which would be Dazzle, from Venus. (She is not bad looking, but I assume he meant her fire-powers.)