So it was a few days ago, but Halloween was a blast. Mayka and I headed to Sarah’s for a fun filled night of Disney cartoons, gorey desserts, and cute dogs dressed as sheep. For our costumes we dressed as Harry and Cho Chang from Harry Potter. (I couldn’t resist.) To spice things up, we decided to zombify ourselves before we headed out the door. Lo and behold we were met with Moaning Myrtle when we got to the party.


We will eat your braaaaains.

DSC_0014-1She didn’t find it as funny as I did.

Also, Brit and Dave had amazing handmade “Wild Things” costumes:


Also, cause I draw things, here are some witches I drew on the train the other day.

witches(I had to get off the train before I could add hair to that one. But I think she’s better off bald anyhow.)

In other news, Purrcasso approaches! Get ready!