Hey! I’m still alive! I was on a good blogging streak there for a while, but the holidays really seem to have gotten in the way. First off, I want to share a piece I did as a Christmas gift for my mom. She saw some of the paintings from the Erik Tiemens workshop I attended and asked me for a landscape. I think of myself as much more of a character artist, so landscapes are a good way for me to try something a little different. (I actually do most of my landscapes at work, surprisingly.)  This is gouache and watercolor on colored paper, about 6″x15″. (Funny orientation for a landscape, I know!)

Now that it’s a new year I think it would be a good time to reflect on 2009 and talk a little about my plans for 2010. 2009 was an interesting year of ups and downs. It started off on a sour note with being laid off from Three Rings when they ran out of money on the project I had worked on for two years. Shortly thereafter (as my health insurance was coming to an end, of course) I had surgery and was diagnosed with a chronic disease! Hooray!

A week after I was laid off,  Stephalopod helped me land a gig as an artist at WonderHill, where I took on tasks including character design, Flash animation, user interface and game design. Though my job is somewhat similar to what I was doing at Three Rings, the company is a very different place. I have met some incredible artists and made great friendships. My coworkers are the best.

Inbetween jobs I shared a table with Brittney at WonderCon 09. This was a good time, but not the best for me for sales. I decided to hold off on it in 2010 in order to focus on a major project.

A few months later, in July, my girlfriend Mayka and I moved in together. We found an amazing house for rent in North Berkeley and love it here. Over the summer we had an East Coast adventure from NYC to Boston, seeing friends and family all along the way. Around this time I was also promoted to Lead Artist at WonderHill, which was pretty sweet. (Oh and we went to Comic Con too!)

Fall of ’09 was a very busy time. I was co-chair of Purrcasso, a benefit art auction for dogs and cats in the East Bay. I also had my own table at APE, which was a great success. Soon after APE was CTN-X, which was also an incredible experience. I look forward to all of them again this year.

I finished 2009 on a good note. I got a gym membership and started exercising more. I finished some freelance jobs and have committed fully to a new project. I also had a nice visit to MA to see my friends and family, including my cuter-than-cute niece, Leah:

So what does 2010 hold? Who knows! I’ve got some goals. First off, stay healthy. Second, grow as an artist. I’d like to take more workshops and do more life drawing. Read more books. Third, I will be devoting as much of my free time as possible to illustrating a children’s book that my longtime friend Ian Samuels has written. Ian and I have a long history of collaborating together, since we were 10 years old building puppets and making movies in his backyard. He is a writer and director now, finishing up his MFA in Directing at CalArts next year. One day we will be bringing you a crazy movie to the big screen and you will love it. (Whoda thunk we’d both end up going to film school, eh?)

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2010!