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I actually started this as an entry for a contest on Sketchoholic…the theme there was “nightmare”. I think it fits pretty well for “atmosphere” as well though! I think you’ll find a story in there somewhere.I was thinking a lot of The Rescuers when I did this piece. Madame Medusa is hands down one of the best Disney villains. I think it’s because she’s a true sociopath with great style. (And amazing Milt Kahl animation.) PS, the color on this looks great on my Cintiq, but I have a feeling it might be blown out on other monitors. Blerrrgh.


 Here’s a little piece I did as part of the print sets that I traded around at Comic Con. (Thanks to all the great folks that traded with me!) I’ve taken the classic 1950’s pinup idea and modified it slightly to be with aliens on a distant planet. ;] I apologize for the lack of posts of the last month or two – things have been rather hectic lately. (I moved to a new place, made it to San Diego, and have been hard at work on the upcoming WonderHill website.) Will have more to post soon.

This is a fake “Little Golden Book” that I just finished for my friend, Ian Samuels. He’s a grad student in the directing program at CalArts and this picture/book will be used as an important prop in a film he’s shooting this term. I will link to the final film when it’s ready for viewing! (I do think the toad is quite poised, yes?)

Here is my final monster print for WonderCon this weekend! He’s that monster that lives in your couch cushions and his natural instinct is to steal your change. This kid is obviously too absorbed in his videogame to notice…

I just finished up a set of 6 small originals that will also be available at WonderCon – will post those tomorrow. We are both SP13 (Small Press) – will also put up a map so you can find us.

Here’s another birthday card that will be available at WonderCon.

 Happy Birthday to my sister Alyssa! She’s got two dogs and I thought of her when I made this little birthday card. It will be available at WonderCon, along with an assortment of other birthday cards (if I can finish them in time…) I should also have this card up for sale on my etsy store after WonderCon.

 Another household monster! This guy only comes out at certain times – mostly when there’s a plump unsuspecting child walking down into the basement. This will be available as a print at WonderCon and later on my etsy store.

Here is the first in a series of Household Monsters that I am working on. This guy is flawed, in the sense that he can’t help himself from eating those delicious socks in the dryer. This print will be available at WonderCon at the end of the month and on my etsy store soon after that!

I’ve got three pieces to donate to the Purrcasso 2008 auction. The money from this auction will go to help repair the old humane society building. Check em out:

This is a large (24″x16″) acrylic painting on masonite.
These two are smaller (12″x12″ framed) gouache paintings:

And here’s an in progress shot, as well as some pics of the framed versions:
Artists! The deadline for artwork has been extended to this Friday, October 31! You can still submit! Check out the Purrcasso Blog to see all the other great pieces in the auction.

Also, don’t forget to come to the auction itself:

Sunday, November 9th from 12-4 pm at the Hollis Street Project located at 5900 Hollis Street, Emeryville. There will be free food and wine! And awesome art!

 This illustration is so cute that it can only be described as sugary. This is card number two that will be for sale at APE in November. I just okay’ed the proofs for the cards today and they will hopefully be here next week.

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