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I’m really excited to announce my new children’s book, M is for Mutt and Other Tails. It is an alphabet book, with each letter representing a different dog breed. (And some very fun text written by my friend, Ian Samuels.) I will be premiering the book at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend in San Francisco. I will be in the back corner, Table 651. Come on by and pick up a copy!

Here’s a sampling of some of the pages:

After APE I will try to put some copies up for sale online! 


So, what was it that made Kabam interested in buying a little casual Facebook game company like WonderHill? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I think it mostly hinged on our final WonderHill release, Dragons of Atlantis. This was a huge departure for us as a company, as it was a much deeper and more realistic strategy game than anything we had done before. It was a big gamble, but in the end it paid off! Dragons is now one of Kabam’s premier titles. You can play it on Facebook here.

I didn’t spend too much time on Dragons, as I was moved to a new project when we were acquired by Kabam. I did get to design the logo, as well as work on battle reports, store items, and a couple of Facebook ads. I also included a few studies I did for learning dragon anatomy.

This project had some amazing talent on it, including Art Direction by Kate Burgess and gorgeous paintings by Rosie Sullivan. They both helped me out with trying to wrap my head around a more realistic style than I’m used to. Had a great time stretching my artistic limbs…


2010 is gone! 2011 is here!

One of the more interesting things that happened last year was the acquisition of my employer, WonderHill, by social strategy game giant Kabam. I thought I’d finally post some of my work from WonderHill, from games like GreenSpot, Enchanted Gardens, Harmony Mahjong, Three Hills Solitaire, Fairy Rescue, and Tattoo City.

Hey folks, CTN is almost here! I will be at table T-41 in the “Talent Marketplace”. Please stop by and say hi if you’re headed to the expo. I will have books, prints, pins, magnets, postcards, and all sorts of fun stuff.

I have also updated my portfolio for the first time in a while. I’m not actively searching for a job, but I always keep my eyes open for fun freelance projects!



Another foggy day in San Francisco…

This was originally made as a backdrop for Whirled. Check it out in action here.

These were done for this room, in Whirled:

Launch the full version of Whirled
Mouse over the paintings to see them in action!

I’m happy to finally reveal the project I’ve been working on for the past year at Three Rings. It’s called Whirled, and is a Flash-based virtual world/social networking/gaming site. You can wear all sorts of cool avatars, decorate your house, play fun games with friends, chat, and even upload your own creations. When you’ve created a room you’re happy with, you can embed it on your blog or myspace like I’ve done here. You will show up as a little ghost while logged on as a guest, but if you head over to you can sign up for a real account. If you join Whirled, feel free to add me as a friend – my Whirled name is “Billiam” and I’d be happy to see you there! (ps, whirled is free!)

Three Rings had a late Halloween party. (You may have seen the invitation I drew a few posts ago. Check out my Mario costume!

Did this illustration for a party invitation for work. (Turned off the text, tho.)

Seriously! Click here to read the WIRED photo-essay all about Three Rings’ awesome office. It was even picked up by boingboing! Hooray!

I love working here. (Who wouldn’t?!) Here’s a few pics, there are lots more in the WIRED article….

All this hard work was done by the amazing pair from Because We Can, based in Oakland.

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