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A few things here from the latest Sketchcrawl in Pac Heights…


Had a great time on this last crawl in SF. Great friends, weather, and food! Started in Portsmouth Square and made our way up Columbus into Washington Square park. Here’s some sketches.

Took a while to get these scanned in, but here’s some drawings from the last Sketchcrawl in San Francisco. Color added later in photoshop.


Sorry for the delay, was too busy to scan these in last month. Finally got around to it…

Warning: When sitting in the sun all day for a sketchcrawl, wear sunblock. I think half of us ended up with awful sunburns. (Mine turned into a farmer’s tan! Awesome.)

This past Saturday was jam packed full of drawing. It started at 11 with a Sketchcrawl in the Marina. (I stayed mostly in and around Ghirardelli Square.) It was a blast and I ended up with some sketches I liked. After that, Brittney and I headed over to Oakland around 7 pm to do caricatures for a fundraiser for the East Bay Humane Society. It was a singles mixer for animal lovers and there were tons of dogs there, which made it extra interesting. Our little corner turned out to be pretty popular, and left us drawing for four hours straight! (Probably because they were free…) Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pics from the event. In the meantime, enjoy these sketches from the crawl:

I was finally able to attend a Sketchcrawl out here in San Francisco. I had a blast. Not only did I get to draw all day, I got to meet a ton of cool new people. And then there were a whole bunch of “Oh wait…I read your blog!” moments. Enjoy these pics from the Chinatown:

Brittney and Dave sketching…photoshop color.

There was a lot of gambling going on!

That is Daniela Strijleva up there.

Those ladies noticed I was drawing them and then they got shifty.

That’s the most drawings I’ve done in a long time. There’s still a slew of paintings from Christmas that I’ve been meaning to post.

Just found this on the forums…thanks for posting this!! (From left to right: Me, Dave, Brittney, Enrico Casarosa!)

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