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Hey folks, CTN is almost here! I will be at table T-41 in the “Talent Marketplace”. Please stop by and say hi if you’re headed to the expo. I will have books, prints, pins, magnets, postcards, and all sorts of fun stuff.

I have also updated my portfolio for the first time in a while. I’m not actively searching for a job, but I always keep my eyes open for fun freelance projects!




I just returned from an incredible 3 days down in Burbank. I had a table at the first-ever CTN-X animation expo, an event put on by the Creative Talent Network. The expo had a small exhibit floor, but was packed to the brim with incredible animation talent everywhere you looked. (I was wedged between Mark McDonnell and Kathy Zelienski...crazy!) The panels featured excellent speakers, and I am sad that I missed most of them because I was tending to my table. I did make it to Kathy Alteiri’s talk on the production design of How to Train Your Dragon, which looks really great. The environment designs I saw made me want to start painting landscapes right away. (Gonna be a must-have art book for that film I bet.) I also attended Bruce Block’s lecture on Visual Structure, which was very valuable and got my brain turning on things I hadn’t thought of in a while.

The first day of the expo was a little slow for sales, as it was mostly students and the rest of the people seemed to be waiting around to buy stuff until Sat or Sun. Business picked up later in the weekend and I did pretty well. I did a few random paintings, which I might put up on my etsy store for purchase. Check em out:

One minor complaint is that the expo went until 7:30 PM on Sunday night. (Way too late for a Sunday.) Lots of the people there had driven down from San Francisco (like myself) and needed to drive back that night. From the time I registered I had planned on taking down an hour early so that I wouldn’t be falling asleep at the wheel later that night. Then suddenly, on Sunday morning they randomly announced that exhibitors weren’t allowed to tear down early…oh well! Hopefully next year it only runs until 6 or so. I look forward to returning! It was an awesome networking, learning, and business opportunity.

I leave you with a few pics from the event:

My beautiful table. I later switched out the portfolio for stacks of prints, as I think some people thought I was just showing off my work, not selling it. (As soon as I did that I started selling prints.)

The lovely Brittney Lee and Liana Hee enjoy themselves at the CTN mixer, held both Friday and Saturday night.

I returned home from Burbank with too much stuff. But it’s all awesome – especially that (signed!) Peter de Seve book.

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