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I’m happy to present my piece for a new ABC book project for Tools for Schools Africa. A while back I was invited to participate by friend and illustrator Mike Boldt. I was intrigued to see that I got the letter “X” and had fun researching xylophones in true Ghanian style. (Did you know that xylophones were invented independently in both Africa and Asia?) All the pieces should eventually show up on the blog Mike has set up. (I love Alina Chau’s piece!)

I don’t usually post too much process stuff, but it might be fun for people to see:

First step: Rough sketch!


Step 2: This is where I decided to add a background, change the poses a bit, and start tweaking composition so your eye flows in a more circular direction.


Step 3: Laying in the background, working with my line sketch laid lightly on top and some palette ideas too.

Final piece! (After lots of painting, erasing, thinking I’m a fraud, and other artistic crises.)




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